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'Untrain My Heart', a Group Show at Billytown The Kitchen, The Hague

“Untrain my heart” is a group show by Hannover based artists Enric Fort Ballester (*1987), Ole Blank (*1990), and Maje Mellin (*1991). It is their first joint exhibition project, which they used as an opportunity to trace the connections between their respective practices. The title refers to an apparently impossibility - how can you untrain something, you are not even aware of? Maybe by mingling what you already know. 

Enric Fort Ballester, Ole Blank, and Maje Mellin are artists living and working in Hannover. Together with Birte Heier they form the board of the residency program Niki, an initiative that has set up a local size variable platform for international projects and exchange. 

6.3.20 — 2.5.20

Enric Fort Ballester, Ole Blank and Maje Mellin

Photo by Charlott Markus


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