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'Wormhole' by NXCSS+KÆMEERA at devyatnadtsat gallery, Moscow

"Once this silence rang in my head, and I clearly felt that there were no children in the room. I wanted to go upstairs, but my legs were like cast iron, you know how it happens in a dream when you want to run and you can’t. I grabbed the railing of the stairs with my hands and pulled myself up the stairs, the higher, the more difficult. A sticky terror gripped me. When my eyes were level with the attic floor, I saw a streak of greenish light coming from under the door. At that moment, I realized that there really were no children in the room, and the light was emitted by the portal...."
KÆMEERA's mother

NXCSS+КÆMEERA Bionic artists from Moscow. They use in their work such media as graphics, sound, digital media, they also work with installation and video art. In the context of a post-digital society, NXCSS +KÆMEERA rethinks the images of anthropogenic bionic structures as an alternative network system. NXCSS+КÆMEERA isolate the artifacts of the subcultures of the turn of the 90s-OO years, bringing back the idea of merging the cyberfuture with natural objects. By materializing transformed objects from computer games, NXCSS+KÆMEERA puts the viewer in the place of the character, creating a choice in front of him, similar to teleport sites in gaming culture.

27.6.22 — 14.6.22

Photo by Varvara Toplennikova

devyatnadtsat gallery

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