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'Sloan' by Joseph Kusendila at Kantine, Brussels

'Pumpernickel', Off-Site Group Project at 86 Féron, Saint-Gilles, Belgium

'The Mumble The Attractor' by Sophie Varin x feeelings at Cunst-Link, Brussels

'Façadomy' by Jasmin Werner at Damien & The Love Guru, Brussels

'Culturissimo In The City' by La Flûte Enchantée, Brussels

'ça va bien, mais ça va mal' by Merzedes Šturm-Lie at Komplot @ Chateau Nour, Bru

'Fixed Gear' by Emmy Skensved, Hosted by Superdeals at Château Nour, Brussels

'VERDANT' by Mirko Canesi at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

'Wibber glurp zark!' by Angélique Aubrit, Ludovic Beillard at Komplot @ Chateau N

'Beati Babies' by Alexander Iezzi at Kantine, Brussels

'The Apple Nun' by Athena Papadopoulos at Liebaert Projects, Kortrijk

'forgets in knots' by Lauren Gault at Kantine, Brussels

'Altered Beast' by Pierre Clement at COHERENT, Brussels

'Le Trogloxène', a Group Show at Deborah Bowmann Brussels

'Le Songe', a Group Show at Espace Moss, Brussels

'With Bruised Knees They Stumbled Clumsily Over Roots Of Broken Silence', a Grou

'To empty the mind' by Joachim Coucke at The Stable, Waregem

'Esprit Ecstasy' by Benjamin Bernt & Jill Kiddon at HouseFront, Brussels

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