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'The Problem with Tricksters', Group Show at Snow Room at After Howl Studio, Brussels

« He spends his time getting tangled up in all sorts of situations where he becomes a laughing- stock. He's not really bad, but sometimes he does atrocious things, out of sheer consciousness and a total lack of sense of relationship to others. » 

The trickster is both a figure of ancient Native American myths, as well as mass entertainment, a double meaning also makes the trickster a crook, a rascal. 

Deborah Bowmann, Heloïse Colrat, Nicholas Goudket, Lucile Martin, Mario Melis, Chloé Momi, Victoria Palacios, Justin Somjen, Nicolas Valckenaere

Curation and stage design by Clément Hébert, Rachel Magnan

After Howl

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