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'The Problem with Tricksters', Group Show at Snow Room at After Howl Studio, Brussels

« He spends his time getting tangled up in all sorts of situations where he becomes a laughing- stock. He's not really bad, but sometimes he does atrocious things, out of sheer consciousness and a total lack of sense of relationship to others. » 

The trickster is both a figure of ancient Native American myths, as well as mass entertainment, a double meaning also makes the trickster a crook, a rascal. 

Deborah Bowmann, Heloïse Colrat, Nicholas Goudket, Lucile Martin, Mario Melis, Chloé Momi, Victoria Palacios, Justin Somjen, Nicolas Valckenaere

Curation and stage design by Clément Hébert, Rachel Magnan

After Howl

'The Houses Of The Serpent Bearer. The 9th House' by Mónica Mays & Flora Yin-Wong

'Dream Archipelago', Group Show Curated by Sergey Guskov at Smena, Kazan

'Eternal Flame', Group Show at Shore, Vienna

'Cosmovisions', Group Show at Medusa Offspace, Brussels

'No Time To Explain' by Paul Robas at Solito, Naples

'Night Rider' by Yan Posadsky at Devyatnadtsat’, Moscow

'Funding Emotions' by Magnus Frederik Clausen and Kaare Ruud at Cantina, Aarhus

'What I felt for you was love', Group Show at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver

'Mirror Stage' by Bora Akinciturk and Ella Fleck at Shipton, London

‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die!’ by Ian Swanson at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'VEGAN' by Jack Jubb at house of spouse, Vienna

'Fresh Hell' by Jonah Pontzer at Rose Easton, London

'It's quite like Guggenheim', Group Show at Ringcenter 1, Berlin

'OUTER DARKNESS', Off-Site Project by Allyson Packer in 1698 GALISTEO, SANTA FE

'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

'Vape Cloud Premonition' by Sam Hutchinson at Forth, Nottingham

'Punch-Drunk' by Yutaro Ishikawa at LAID BUG, Tokyo

'Le sort des Labourgue' by Angélique Aubrit & Ludovic Beillard at Les Capucins, E

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