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'Cosmovisions', Group Show at Medusa Offspace, Brussels

In the shared temporality of ecological mutation, humanity as a whole is forced to talk about the interdependencies of cultures on a global scale. As our realities become increasingly entangled, the Western urge to divide and classify becomes more and more incompatible with what is needed to tackle these urgent issues.
In this group exhibition sculpture and performance interweave throughout the evening. New propositions are put forward and new relations between the works are established. Exploring alternative imaginaries around the Western division between man and nature, and the former's complete mastery over the latter.

A mysterious white figure stares into a mirror. Sharp white fangs, clinging around a poem. A tail—reminiscent of that of a horse—wagging slowly, as they delicately step through space.

Throughout the evening, the perceived linearity of time and progression is rejected—in favour of a reading in which future, present and past act contemporaneously—by reconnecting to forgotten practices and rekindling knowledges of spirituality, magic and natural worlds. The artists find themselves in a position analogous to that of the shaman. Negotiating with the invisible and seeking ways to restore the disrupted order through mediation with the realms of animals and nature. Through this, they seek, even if it is temporary, to unveil what is generally oppressed by the current cultural paradigm.
Awakening, delicately. A passage of rite, an offering, under treelike plastic structures. A heart-shaped pendant. The sound of dry branches, snapping. Dissonant spinal movements—mimicry.

— Sjoerd Beijers


Che Go Eun, Kyra Nijskens, Tristan Bründler, Natalija Gucheva, Benjamin Schoones, Aidan Abnet, Alexis Gerlach, Adriaan de Roover, Sjoerd Beijers, MaggZ & Anca Bârjovanu

Curated by MaggZ, Sjoerd Beijers

Photo by Johan Poezevara

Medusa Offspace

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'Cosmovisions', Group Show at Medusa Offspace, Brussels

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