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'Anticipatory Grief' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

'How To Deal, Together' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

'Another Night in Dream City' by Seán Boylan at Stranger, Baltimore

'Sleep Ambassador' by Joe Greer at Sinkhole Project, Baltimore

'Splat In The Verd' by Collision’s Craft for Sinkhole Project, Baltimore

'Lanquidity' by Mario Miron at Wild Flower, Baltimore

'MATERIAL BENEFIT', Off-Site Show by Chris Peckham in Charles Village, Baltimore

Women’s History Museum Biennale: Poupées Gonflabes at Springsteen, Baltimore

'Mirage Asylum' by Philip Hinge at Wild Flower, Baltimore

Joe Speier and Michelle Uckotter at Chin-Up Bar, Baltimore

'The Wishing Master' by Seán Boylan, Off-Site Show, Baltimore

'A Suspended State in Last' by Sessa Englund at Guest Spot@THE REINSTITUTE, Balti

'Stone Belly Dweller' by Sophia Belkin at Wild Flower, Baltimore

'A Table Walks Into a Bar' by Michael Bussell at Wild Flower, Baltimore

'Act II: Carcass and the White Light' by Alex Ito at Springsteen, Baltimore