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'Sara' by Coco Klockner at Vent Space, Baltimore

It was half dark, but the world outside was full of sounds of morning. A bird called, a horn blared. Voices rang out from beneath the window. She was between dreams and waking for the past hour, unable to discern between the two, suspended between fractured truth and a mystery. As soon as she situated herself, she’d slip back into sleep, and fall into the bizarre images interplaying in her mind. 

In the dream there was a face. It looked like a face she knew, but it was shadowed, contorted, and obscure. Gradually though, it materialized and sharpened. It was closing in on her. She sensed the sweat beading on her body. Unintelligible voices rattled beneath the window. Soon they sounded as if they were coming from inside the room. She felt her heart in her chest, swelling. It felt like a truck inside her, her hot blood racing. 

Suddenly a violent jolt sent her upright in the bed. The image in the dream faded, as if a door that led to her subconscious was rapidly closing. Within seconds she forgot about it entirely. The door shut. She threw back the covers and stretched her arms overhead, her fingers interlocked, the tiny bones cracking. She looked outside. A bird called, a horn blared. Voices rang out from beneath the window. The pale brilliant sun peeked into her bedroom. It was morning, and she had to get ready for work. 


Vent Space

'Innsmouth' by Pierre Unal-Brunet at Parc International Cévenol, Chambon-Sur-Lign

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'Through The Wall' by Márton Emil Tóth at PINCE, Budapest

'Phantasmagoria', Group Presentation at Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria

'Project for an Overcoat' by Paloma Proudfoot at Editorial, Vilnius

'Mirror vs. mold', Group Show at Other Subject, New York

'Shelter of Trust II', Group Show at De Liceiras 18, Porto

'Employed & Depressed', Semi-virtual Group Show at goodjob_showroom

'Petri dish dream' by Maya Hottarek at A.ROMY, Zurich

'Falconer', Off-Site Group Show, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah

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