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'The Descent', Off-Site Group Project at Mount Douglas Cave, Victoria

'Big Beat Disaster' by DIS at Project Native Informant, London

'Ambergris' by Ánima Correa at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles

'Necromancer' by Andrew Roberts at House of Chappaz, Valencia

Joshua Abelow at Kunsthalle Wichita

'Terminal B', Group Show Curated by PLAGUE at Smena, Kazan

SADYRIA brings a special ecology of mixing, or sinkhology, in which many scraps of time and space meet together on the turns of karst formations. The sinkhole is not just a natural phenomenon, but a complex ecological node of relations. As long as we view the worlds of others as parallel to us, the concept of ecology has no power. It becomes so only when we are aware of our presence within karst relationships—when any parallelism is lost and there are so many differences and these differences are so intermingled that nothing can be separated from each other. More…

'SALTY TISSUE' by Anna Jarosz at OKAY Space, Athens

'Magic Vacuum' by David Attwood at Disneyland Paris, Perth

'Maluha' by Alexey Rumin at IP Vinogradov, Moscow

Solo Booth for EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 by Taka Kono with Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, To

'Derinkuyu' by Roc Herms at Zape, Valencia

'I know nothing about the weather' by Raphael Pohl at Form, Amsterdam

Armen Avanessian: ‘The present derives from the future, and therefore we need to understand the future to understand the present and not the other way around. This also implies a very different way of understanding what truth is. Truth is no longer what is here and now in front of us as we address it and try to say something adequate to what we see, but rather we have to preempt it, we have to grasp something of our reality before it arrives, which asks for very different concepts in a very different intellectual and artistic practice’. More…

'Snow Show' by Ian Miller at Freddy, New York

'documentum' by Craig Jun Li and olivier at Weatherproof, Chicago

'MIKRO SILENCE' by Nschotschi Haslinger at Moltkerei Werkstatt, Cologne

'I want Mommy', Off-Site Project by Skritoe Predstavlenie at Old Town Hotel, Chel

'REAL MAGIC' by Miguel Martin at Aspace Gallery, Hastings

'Spun Time' by Melanie Wiksell at Jargon Projects, Chicago

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