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'ThirstyJurisdictionsDesireOutside' by DDaS at A.D., New York

A.D. presents ThirstyJurisdictionsDesireOutside, an exhibition of new works by international art collective DDaS. 

Beginning with an email correspondence between one of the directors of A.D. and a founding member of DDaS, an exhibition plan was hatched in the autumn of 2019. The  newly formed collective’s members (whose identities shall remain anonymous) reside in  multiple countries, typically relying on outsourcing and direction-based object  fabrication in the materialization of DDaS artworks and exhibitions materials. 

As the world sputtered out in the wake of Covid-19, as shared public spaces shuttered and the global “we” retreated to our desk and handheld computers, DDaS reached out and the exhibition was hatched, using the staff of A.D. as concurrent fabricators, art handlers, curators and collaborators remotely. Open-ended in its structure, the title ThirstyJurisdictionsDesireOutside is as much a manipulated readymade as the works on view. Culled locally from the greater New York area, the objects that make up the varied sculptural, photographic and painterly interventions were gathered and combined at the behest of the collective. As per the pandemic, shortcuts were applied and substitutions  had to be made. 

The result being a transglobal collaboration, blurring relational lines between artist and gallery, author and audience. Similar scriptures of post modernization are reflected back into the seemingly liminal works that constitute this exhibition. 

DDaS is an art collective with an international base. 

17.7.20 — 12.8.20


'INTO A GRAVEYARD FROM ANYWHERE' by Mary-Audrey Ramirez at Dortmunder Kunstverein

'eat & becʘ̃me' by Silas Inoue at Augustiana, Augustenborg

'A Californian Plumber' by Agnieszka Szostek at Fugitif, Leipzig

'Shelter of Trust' by Klára Švandová and Ondřej Doskočil at TiK Cold Space, Riga

'The Weakest Nest Robber' by David Fesl at Karlin Studios, Prague

'Larry Farmer' by Tyler Macko at No Place, Columbus

'Unrealism' by Omsk Social Club at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin

'Retoucher´s abilities' by Alex Selmeci and Tomáš Kocka Jusko at Berlinskej Model

'ThirstyJurisdictionsDesireOutside' by DDaS at A.D., New York

'Longue-Fâme', Off-Site Show by Lia Pradal & Camille Tallent, 42.901730, 1.346770

'Arthur Phillip puts his head down, Barangaroo 1788' by Allan Rand at CHAUFFEUR,

'Dystopian Realism', a Group Show Curated by Václav Janoščík at Cursor Gallery, P

'heute denken, morgen fertig' by Grégory Sugnaux with Camille Kaiser, Christophe

'TTOA: Native Arrangement II' by Kai (Kari) Altmann at Final Hot Desert, Rozel Po

'Hairy earthtongue, weeping toothcrust, fairy rings', a Group Show at FUTURA, Pra

'Crosspollination' by Yein Lee & Ivan Pérard at Loggia, Vienna

'Thread Art Paintings' by Sal Salandra at East Hampton Shed on Wheels

'Blue Period' by Giulia Essyad at Lokal-Int, Biel

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