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'Trap Paintings' by Michelle Uckotter at A.D., New York

the golden dawn
the golden bough

the cool fluorescence
of a Walgreens aisle

Stone piled on stone

Dollar on dollar

Depression cloud upon cloud

moon vapor could have been urine

mildly daily psychedelic

heartracer the gulf gutter 

cobble of milky way 

Dreams of subversion

Fossils stiletto fossils
grind the streambeds

psychotropic datura and bricolage 
can get you high

Rip rap, rock armor

wish upon the movement 

a falling leaf motif on a manicured nail

outside the forest and onto the sidewalk

before the century
an invisible staircase to your left

into the shadow her own element

— Zoe Brezsny

21.8.20 — 27.9.20


'Microorganisms & Their Hosts' by Mindaugas Gapševičius at Atletika, Vilnius

'Managing Emotions' by Olga Pedan at Neuer Essener Kunstverein, Essen

Play / Cognition (بازی / تمرین) at Solo Show, Online

'Memory' by Kaspars Groševs, Marta Trektere at 427, Riga

'Untitled (MOLLY HOUSE)', a Group Show Curated by Julius Pristauz at EXILE, Vienn

Garden Cult Triennale, Chapter II: Baden-Baden, Germany

'Power must grow, if it doesn't grow it rots' by Dominika Trapp at Karlin Studios

'Flags' by Troels Wörsel at C.C.C., Copenhagen

☼ by chukwumaa + Zoë Argires at New Works, Chicago

'By working the soil we cultivate the skies' by KINDERSPIELE at Macao, Milan

'Sunshine' by Kanrec Sakul at VUNU Gallery, Košice

'DID YOU KISS THE SPOT TO MAKE IT WELL – A tribute to Jadran Sturm (1957-2019)' a

'Mostra collettiva di pittura da Sasha', a Group Show in Corso Brescia 23, Turin

'Multiplexx' by Hélène Fauquet at Schiefe Zähne, Berlin

'SLAG' by Marco Ceroni at GALLLERIAPIU, Bologna

'GLOBAL CRISES – Kunst & Klimata' by Tilman Hornig & Daniel Schramm at C. Rockefe

'Tonguing the fence' by Rebecca Ackroyd at Lock Up International, London

Bronte Stolz at Discordia, Melbourne

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