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'Trap Paintings' by Michelle Uckotter at A.D., New York

the golden dawn
the golden bough

the cool fluorescence
of a Walgreens aisle

Stone piled on stone

Dollar on dollar

Depression cloud upon cloud

moon vapor could have been urine

mildly daily psychedelic

heartracer the gulf gutter 

cobble of milky way 

Dreams of subversion

Fossils stiletto fossils
grind the streambeds

psychotropic datura and bricolage 
can get you high

Rip rap, rock armor

wish upon the movement 

a falling leaf motif on a manicured nail

outside the forest and onto the sidewalk

before the century
an invisible staircase to your left

into the shadow her own element

— Zoe Brezsny

21.8.20 — 27.9.20


'MANIAC' by Émilie Pitoiset at Klemm's, Berlin

'The most weirdest things, make the most beautiful pictures' by Michael Bussell &

'Time Keepers' by Johanna Odersky at Intersticio, London

'Bliss' by Ellande Jaureguiberry at A.ROMY, Geneva

The Naked Girl Walking Backwards Like Crayfish' by Chloé Arrouy at NEVVEN ON SI

'Sloan' by Joseph Kusendila at Kantine, Brussels

'Grommets' by Rasmus Røhling at C.C.C., Copenhagen

'Goggelmoggel' by Lukas Schneider at Regatta 2, Dusseldorf

'Catacombs of Love' by Sylbee Kim at MÉLANGE, Cologne

'Kündigung' by Jannis Marwitz at Lucas Hirsch, Dusseldorf

'Fantasy Finery', a Group Show at Berlínskej model, Prague

'A curse in disguise' by Adam Cruces at Disneyland Paris, Melbourne

' by Kaspars Groševs at Noass, Riga

'Bracket Sentiment And The Technicolor Yawn' by Sophie Serber at Shore, Vienna

‘Exception of (not) being’, Online Show Curated by Essenza Club and Rhizome Parki

'Energy Systems / 3: Safe in the Front End' by Joachim Coucke & Lasse Hieronymus

'Giantess' by Rose Dickson at Melanie Flood Projects, Portland

'Lieber Nackt Als Gefühlsleben' by David Ostrowski at JIR SANDEL, Copenhagen

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