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'uno' by Eughenio Grechi at Kurlina Mansion, Samara

Eughenio Grechi's exhibition project is located in the dining room of the Kurlina Mansion, where the Art Nouveau Museum has been located since 2014. The architectural monument has been built in 1903 by Alexander Zelenko and is an outstanding example of the Russian Art Nouveau.
The atmosphere of the dining room is different from the interior solutions in other rooms. The rough texture of the walls, created with grotto plaster, visually compresses the space, giving it a medieval spirit.
The fireplace in its original form, made of ceramics and metal, namely copper, has been preserved in the room. Two types of ceramics, copper elements, and copper overlay drawings of a complex ornamentation.
Referring to antiquity, the bases of the ceiling beams are crowned with mascarons depicting Poseidon, so are ceramic inserts decorating the room along the perimeter.

Curated by Ilya Samorukov and Eughenio Grechi

Photo by Dima Ptitsyn

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