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'The Last Party Before the End of Times' by Valentina Novikova, Moscow

‘Rhythm of the Night’ by Vitaly Bezpalov at Center Red, Moscow

'Baptism by Fire' by Jura Shust at ISSMAG, Moscow

'Anti Turbo Allergy' by Denis Koshkarev at Center Red, Moscow

'You Are Like Me in Youth, Only Better' by Lisa Chukhlantseva at ISSMAG, Moscow

Igor Ponosov and Brad Downey at CCI Fabrika, Moscow

Natalya Zintsova at Elektrozavod, Moscow

Arseniy Zhilyaev at MMOMA, Moscow

Alexander Plusnin at Pop/off/art, Moscow

Natalya Timofeeva at Elektrozavod, Moscow

Alexander Kutovoi at CCI Fabrika, Moscow

'Eleven' by Vitaly Bezpalov at Center Red, Moscow